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About EC Transport

Our primary role in the haulage of these materials is over longer distances where the smaller tippers become inefficient and expensive. Our specialised haulage distances range from 30km to around 900km in some instances.

Since 2010, we were able to modify our end tippers to enable the haulage of asphalt. Because of the volume/tonnage which our haulers are able to carry on a load, the temperature remains within specification for longer periods allowing us to haul of distances up to 500km.

Our fleet consists of Mercedes Benz trucks and primarily 3-axle end tippers as well as a number of side-tipping interlinks. The fleet is well maintained with old vehicle being regularly replaced with new more efficient units.

With our current fleet we haul around 500 000 tons annually.

Services we offer

  • Specialised transport for the construction industry
  • Short and long distance haulage
  • Contractual work for PPC Cement
  • Competitive rates

Should you require any further information please contact sales on (041) 007 0901 and we will be happy to help.


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