VMS Display Boards

About the product

The EC Road Signs VMS Boards are made to the highest standards and use the latest technologies available in the industry. Equipped with technologies such as GPS for easy tracking , GSM for easy and fast display changes and PC Software to assist in any custom display needs.

Our VMS Boards can be mounted on permanent instillations such as those for sports fields and digital bill boards or mobile trailers for roadside and more portable uses.

All our VMS Trailers are available for hire or purchase. We also have over the phone assistance and online management available should you require anything.

Should you require any further information about our VMS Boards you can contact sales on (041) 007-0901 and we will be happy to help to the best of our abilities.

Product Specifications

  • Full matrix screen, allowing characters and pictures
  • Unit is solar powered, with 600 aH storage capacity, allowing for 3 days operation.
  • 999 pictures and text message storage.
  • Message can be sent via SMS to board.
  • Status of VMS board can be checked for charging, power usage and location of board.
  • Speed Radar facilities are available on request.
  • VMS available on licenced trailer or static mounted on poles

Display information

Display type: LED Full Matrix , AMBER COLOR
Display size: 2000mm x 1100mm
Matrix: 48 x 28, 4 x 5mm LEDs per pixel
Enclosure: Aluminum IP54 equivalent
Screen: Screen: Non Glare UV polycarbonate

Product Photos


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